Buying Houseplants is the easy part. You’re walking through your local greenhouse or garden center and you spot the most gorgeous plant. You’re not sure how to take care of it but that impulse is too strong and you bring it home.

Understanding lighting and proper watering techniques is your priority now. Knowing which direction your windows face is key. And if you’re not sure, your compass app is there to help. Also, be aware of things like trees, shrubs and buildings filtering or blocking your light. 

North facing windows generally are considered “low light”, or low indirect. 

East facing is generally medium indirect light and since the sun rises in the east, plants get the benefit of the gentle morning sun. Most houseplants love east windows. 

South is high light. Plants that require full sun, such as succulents are happiest in a Southern window. 

Southwest is also an ideal bright for high light plants. 

West is considered low indirect light until the afternoon until the sun sets. 

Remember that most windows also have a UV coating. Take that into consideration. Also, dark rooms or rooms without windows are not plant friendly, opt for artificial plants and flowers instead. 

Next week we’ll discuss watering needs!

Missi Lackas, blog writer for Modern Foliage Designs.

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