Houseplants have been part of interior design since the 17th century. And recently when people were spending more time indoors at the beginning of the pandemic a whole new generation

gave Houseplants a resurgence that has exploded globally. And this crazed has made its way into all aspects of our lives.

Restaurants are now filling their interior voids with Tropical houseplants. Business Offices are surrounding their employees with the benefits of Tropical Houseplants. You can find these plants absolutely filling college dorms, bachelor pads, Concerts, Graduations and even Weddings.


Nikki has been using Tropical plants in her wedding designs for 20+years.  She’s a second-generation florist and plantscaper.  Her mother could tell you stories of toting the watering can, designing alters and stages, and holiday décor starting as soon as she could walk.  Always trying “not to be like her mother…” as you hear her tell the story, she instead became exactly like her mom.  Now, as a second

-generation female business owner for the past 5 years, Nikki now gives advice to her mother.   Incorporating them into the bouquets, backdrops and arches, table arrangements and even cakes. It’s taking traditional arrangements and making then fresh and chic.  Nikki is able to take a couple’s passion for tropical houseplants and create something new and fresh.







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