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Modern Foliage started as a dream. Literally!  

Nikki grew up in a family-owned plant business in Florida, and Julia worked in a locally owned greenhouse for over 10 years. The two women finally met, and the dream became reality.  With a combined 20 years of plant knowledge, a Master’s degree in Horticulture, and a passion for plants, these women strive to bring life into every room!

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Nikki and Julia

Clients Love Our Work!

“Thank you so much, the day was beautiful and everything we could have hoped for! You guys did a phenomenal job, and all of your communication with me was so wonderful, and you really tweaked everything so that it was exactly what I wanted. I absolutely adored my bridal bouquet. It was a work of art!”

– Hayley –

The Women Behind The Dream

Meet Our Botanical Marvels



Julia’s love of plants stems from her upbringing as an army brat in Germany. Each new home was an opportunity to start a new collection.

Although she has no educational background in horticulture, Julia began working at a garden center at just 17, and now has 10 years of experience under her belt. She briefly worked with Annuals, and perennials, before finding her niche with indoor plants and tropicals. Julia also worked at the stores “information desk” where she helped customers with any and all plant-related issues, such as weed control, lawn care, pests, diseases, viruses, watering issues, and more! She has also given workshops on terrariums and dish gardens, and seminars on houseplants.



Nikki grew up working in her family’s own plant business, and has been taking care of plants since before she realized it was her passion.

She is a woman of many skills, trades and talents! She’s done everything from working at a winery to working at the extension agency at Virginia Tech (and much more in between)! She also has a masters degree in horticulture from the University of Florida, and is always hungry for more! Her ongoing thirst for knowledge and adventure is what eventually lead to the creation of Modern Foliage!


Why choose us?
We have a 100% plant guarantee on all of our services!  No hassle, no fuss, and no cap replacement policy on any plants under our care.
What is plant maintenance?

We can take care of all the guesswork for you!  We offer routine plant care for your office, retail space, residence, or beyond! Plant maintenance includes, watering, fertilizing, dusting, and pest control.

How much does it cost?
We can work with any design or budget!  Our minimum plant order for events is $300.  And our monthly maintenance plans start at just $180.
Do you do flowers?

Yes! We do everything from living floral arrangements for offices, to wedding florals! Our wedding flowers start at $1,000. Check out our portfolio for some of our awesome floral designs!

Plant Fact #2:

In general, the darker the plant leaf, the darker of a room it can take.  Bright plants need bright rooms!

You Can Kill Plants With Kindness...

Let us take that worry out of your day.

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