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Signs Your Plant is Dying

Top 5 Tell Tale Signs That Your Plant is Dying As you all may know, everything comes to an end eventually. But just like you, your plant wants to live a long, healthy life too! Here are some of the beginning signs of your plant’s deteriorating health, Its leaves are...

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How to Choose the Perfect Pot

by: Makayla Norton Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but if you’re looking for a little advice on how to choose the right style pot to match your plant’s personality, here’s my advice to you: Go with the pot that speaks to you the most. Depending on where...

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Top 5 Plants for Your Office

As we all know, office environments can be quite boring and sometimes strict in nature. We find ourselves stressed and overwhelmed with work piled over of heads. But little do some people know, it’s as simple as adding a plant to your office cubical, that can create a change in your whole environment. Plants don’t have to be messy and hard to manage, you don’t even have to have a green thumb. Here are the top five plants for your office space to help amp up your work environment.

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All about Poinsettias (Nikki’s FAVORITE plant!)

It’s not quite Thanksgiving and the Christmas décor is already in full swing and you still need to decorate the office with wreaths, garland, Christmas trees, and POINSETTIAS! These magical mystical plants are the finishing touch to any holiday party.  But what are poinsettias and why are they so wonderful?!

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Foolproof Plant Advice

You’ve brought home your new plant, perfect and shiny from the greenhouse.  You quickly google the name and find a myriad of information about your new plant.  But sifting through all the blogs, you really don’t know what to believe.  Here are some foolproof guidelines to your new potted friend!

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