It’s been known to those of us with an affinity for houseplants, that they can make a room feel more comfortable, cozier, relaxed and definitely more Alive!

When we add houseplants to the rooms we spend the most time in, we feel more connected to that space.  That should most definitely include our office spaces.

Many of us spend approximately 8-10 hours each workday in offices. Most of the time, the windows in those offices do not look out into green spaces. The decor may be sparse and cold. Houseplants not only bring life into a room or space but they are also an effective tool for stress.

Studies have found that employees also feel more appreciated when their employer invests in live plants. 

Applicants also feel that the employer cares about their employees. It’s not always apparent to them why they feel that way, but given two scenarios, the applicant will more than likely be drawn to the room that contains live plants.

Modern Foliage can help design and maintain plants for your particular office. Plants that will work well with your particular light and office needs.

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