Air, Humidity and Fans are also things a houseplant owner needs to be cognizant of. 

Oscillating Fans:  Good Air Circulation is always a great idea with houseplants. Many actually require it. It helps prevent fungal issues and pests with the increased air circulation. However, locating your plant directly in the draft of a fan can cause a plant to dry out faster so make sure to pay attention to your soil moisture.

Humidity Trays: Houseplants love humidity, usually in Virginia they prefer our natural summer humidity but enjoy supplementation in the winter months.  You can increase the humidity around the plants by creating or purchasing a humidity tray. The tray needs to be larger than the plant/pot itself. Use any waterproof material.  Fill it with a layer of stone, beads, shells, marbles, etc. Then cover them with water. Then sit your plant on top. Make sure the plant does not soak up water from the tray, we don’t want the roots to rot.

Humidifiers: Instead of a humidity tray, you can place a humidifier near the plant in the drier months of winter.  Not only will the plant be happy it will help you breathe better too!

Misters: Orchids, Ferns, Tillandsia (air plants), and other plants that don’t have soil for their roots, drink water from the air.  These plants would enjoy a thorough misting or soaking once a week.

Drafts: In the winter, cold drafts can severely stress tropical houseplants. Keep plants away from doors and windows frequently opened during fall and winter. 

Heat/AC Vents: The same goes for air vents which are extremely drying and can stress out a plant. Use diverters if a plant must be placed near a vent or close that vent off.

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Missi Lackas, blog writer for Modern Foliage Designs.

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